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Art Club

We're in a fall mood at Art & Soul and we can't wait to share our seasonal projects with our talented artists at Stevens Creek Elementary! October registration is up now, so join us for more masterpieces created by your own young Picasso!

**Must be a student at Stevens Creek Elementary**

Painting Parties

Whether it be a Girls' Night Out, a birthday party, or just friends hanging out and having a good time, Art & Soul Augusta can help. We are accepting inquiries about painting parties. Email or message us on Facebook to begin planning your next event.


Art Club

You're off to great places,
today is your day!

Our Story...

Art & Soul Augusta has been part of the Augusta community for over 10 years.  The previous owner, Kim, had a vision to bring affordable painting parties, especially for children, to the area.  Additionally, she recognized there was a need to offer children a regular opportunity to learn about artistic expression.

 Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up, Pablo Picasso 


Kim developed a large following over the years and the studio was her passion.  In September 2020 her family relocated to another state and she sold the studio.  Not wanting to cancel any classes, the new owner, Jessica, stepped right in and continued offering painting parties, After School Art Club and Summer Camp.

In October 2020, the studio underwent a complete facelift.  It was time to freshen up and update the space.  Jessica expanded many of the services already being offered as well as added several new options.  We welcome suggestions from our clients about additional services you would like to see.


Art & Soul Augusta has an amazing artist who is incredibly talented.  Kait, is self-taught and enjoys working with young artists from all over the CSRA.  In addition to attending events in the studio, we also offer several personal services.  Joy has a unique eye for color and design.  Whether you need an update for your color palette or your living room, Joy and Jessica can make it happen. Together, Kait, Joy and Jessica are a great team and offer unique and fun filled experiences.

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